Welcome to Jessie Reiki!

It is with the biggest smile and deepest gratitude that you have taken the time to visit my site.  Regardless of the reason of how or why you got here, I know in my heart it is with reason and purpose.  Seeking help, healing, knowledge, wisdom, and answers is often the most challenging yet paradoxically rewarding aspect of life on earth.  Please know that first and foremost, I am here to support you on that journey.  
My purpose is to be in service to you and You- your highest self, your energetic being, your spirit, your soul, your heart's wisdom, your truth, the very essence of how you came to this plane, how you walk amongst it now, and the influence your energy carries onward throughout all your days to come.  My aim is purely to help you feel safe, comfortable, held, seen, accepted, aligned, flowing, happy, uplifted, peaceful, resilient, strong, grounded, present, and above all else, loved.  After all these years, my experience with reiki has taught me that it is simply a form of love; it is unconditional and it is superconsciously intelligent.  As a result, only balance can come from its channeling, and that balance is perfectly connected to whatever needs you possess in that moment.  This is the beauty of how I get to authentically hold space for You in this manner.  Every. Single. Time.  
I walk the same path of many before me, both modern and ancient, who took on the role to facilitate in energetic healing with the belief and understanding, the faith and lineage, the trust and respect for the orders of our existence as light beings.  If you choose to entrust me with the honor of amplifying your light, I promise to do so with the best of my ability and humblest of intentions.  This road incites a significant change process and a limitless ripple effect that is perfectly in alignment for when your intuition guides you to embark on this kind of work.  I am grateful to you for leaning into this inception because the more light you let in, the brighter you shine and, therefore, the more brilliant the world around you becomes.  That's the power of reiki.  It extends beyond our own individual experience, transgresses the bounds of the ego, and connects us to the infinite of universal consciousness. 
Many thanks and many blessings to you and the light that You are in this world.  I look forward to the chance to be in service to your path to peace.  
With love and gratitude,
  • 45-minute Distance Reiki Energy Healing Sessions via phone, Zoom or FaceTime *Crystal Packages Available*
  • 1:1 90-minute Private Reiki Energy Healing Sessions *Distance Reiki & Veda Packages Available*
    • Off-site Travel & Pet Healing upon Special Request
  • The Path to Peace: Coaching Program + Reiki Healing
    • A New Approach to Self-care, Self-love & Self-Exploration
  • Usui Reiki Level I, II, & Master Attunements
  • Group Reiki Energy Healing Circles for Private & Corporate Events
  • Private & Corporate Meditation Instruction
  • Commercial & Private Energetic Space Clearing
  • Crystal Healing & Personal Shopping