Who is Jessie?

Jessie is an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master based in San Francisco, California who specializes in reiki energy healing and instruction as well as spiritual guidance and happiness coaching.  She began her journey with energy work as a child and has successively dedicated her life to helping others.  Her passion for understanding the non-physical world has fostered a lifetime of extraordinary, insightful events, and she looks forward to every opportunity to both share and expand upon the knowledge gleaned along the way.  One of Jessie’s greatest joys in life is introducing individuals to their balanced state and highest self through the infinite, loving power of reiki.

What Services Does She Offer?
  • New!  *The Path to Peace*
    • Coaching & Reiki Program for Trauma Survivors
  • 1:1 Private Reiki Energy Healing Sessions 
    • Off-site Travel, Distant Reiki & Pet Healing upon Special Request
  • Usui Reiki Level I, II, & Master Attunements
  • Group Reiki Energy Healing Circles for Private & Corporate Events
  • Private & Corporate Meditation Instruction
  • Commercial & Private Energetic Space Clearing
  • Crystal Healing & Personal Shopping
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What is reiki?  

Reiki energy healing is the gentle laying or hovering of hands to channel universal life force energy ("reiki") into a receiver.  This energy integrates with the receiver's energy body which has a trickle-down balancing effect to their mental, physical, and emotional bodies.  Check out Jessie's blog post for a deeper dive!  

What is spiritual guidance?

There are many known aspects, both modern and ancient, of the energy body and our existence as light beings.  Jessie helps clients understand these concepts and connections to the energy or spirit world by combining this ever-expanding knowledge with personal wisdom through enlightenment experiences as well as correlations to quantum biology & mechanics, human evolution & consciousness, and epigenetics & gene keys.

What is happiness coaching?

Jessie's extensive training in Positive Psychology and leadership skills is the foundation for her coaching practice.  Unlike other types of coaching which typically focus on external circumstances to fix or improve, happiness coaching uses scientific, empirical interventions to make helpful, long-lasting changes from within that create a positive impact in all outward manifestations of life.

Who does Jessie help?

All who are open to reiki and change are welcome at Jessie Reiki.  Her sessions bring peace to the energy, mental, emotional, and physical bodies, and as a result, she has significant experience supporting clients through a myriad of situations and issues including:

  • anxiety, depression & mental health disorders
  • trauma & PTSD
  • grief & loss
  • abuse (physical, sexual & emotional)
  • self-esteem & grounding
  • life purpose & energetic alignment
  • existential crises & low-vibration stagnancy
  • intimacy, sexual orientation & gender identity
  • addiction & rehabilitation
  • chemotherapy & radiation
  • surgery preparation & recovery
  • conceiving & pregnancy obstacles (all trimesters)
  • physical impairment & pain management
  • injury recuperation
  • insomnia & sleep disorders
  • GI complications & digestive disorders
  • autoimmune & degenerative diseases  
  • behavioral & emotional disorders


Reach out below with any questions!

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