Jessie Reiki East Bay Energy Healing

1:1 Private Reiki Energy Healing Session (90 minutes) Includes:

~Initial check-in of physical, emotional, mental and energetic well-being
~Grounding meditation, intention setting and energetic scanning
~Reiki healing flow (45 - 60 minutes)
~Session debrief with spiritual guidance & coaching

*Distant reiki sessions available for those outside San Francisco's Bay Area*

~Single Session for $150


Veda / ˈvādə,ˈvēdə / Sanskrit for "knowledge, wisdom"


~Earth Veda~ 3-pack for $333  (you save $117)
~Water Veda ~ 8-pack for $777  (you save $423)
~Fire Veda ~ 12-pack for $999  (you save $801)
~Air Veda ~ 28-pack for $2,222 (you save $1,978)

Veda Packages



Usui Reiki Training & Attunements


Want to learn how to heal yourself and others through the infinite, loving power of reiki -or- interested in advancing your current reiki practice to the next level? Jessie provides a comprehensive training program & attunement for each level of Usui Reiki:

~Shoden Level I:  Healing the Heart $244
~Okuden Level II:  Emotional Healing $444
~Shinpiden Master Level:  Healing the Soul (Part A) &
Becoming a Reiki Shihan (Part B) $644

Usui Reiki Training & Attunements

Jessie Reiki Master San Francisco California Bay Area Energy Healer
À La Carte Services

~Rates provided upon request~


Group Reiki Energy Healing Circles

A reiki energy circle is an incredible way to bring a fun & meaningful group healing to your next private or corporate event.  They're easy to coordinate, customizable in participant sizes & duration and accessible to people from all walks of life!

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions for Pets

Our pets are energetic beings just like us and, therefore, benefit from reiki energy healing. Session times vary and typically require travel to the pet's home for maximum comfort and efficacy.


Crystal Healing & Personal Shopping

There are unique healing benefits in the vibrations embedded among Earth's stones & crystals. Jessie advises how to work with these energies and purchases custom packages catered to your specific needs.

Meditation Classes

Interested in learning how to meditate or want to provide a fun meditation class at your next private or corporate event? Jessie is trained in powerful, effective techniques and guides with ease.


Energetic Space Clearing

Do you feel that your space is energetically misaligned? Jessie brings balance, peace and harmony to both private & professional spaces through a combination of reiki energy, smudging and intuitive healing.